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Flash Fiction

Flash Fiction Mag, November 2020

Between Love and Alien Abductions

I stood in front of a kitchen full of dirty dishes when my niece, Melissa, shared the best definition of love that I have heard. She said, “You know you love someone because you could tell if they’ve been abducted by aliens.” ....

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Adelaide, June 2020


“Go!” she called through the closed door. The toilet lid was cold.
Sitting there, she noticed how clean Jim’s bathroom was. No dust bunnies in the corners, shower doors sparkling, matching green towels....

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Quillkeeper’s Summer Anthology 2021:

Tan Lines

“Finding July” by Tanya E. E. E. Schmid, page 17

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ENO 2021, Environmental Arts and Literature Magazine, Duke University


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Only a Pebble Between Us

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