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QIGONG: The 8 Brocade Exercises

Named for the valuable eight strands of silk brocade, this form of Qigong consists of yin-yang balanced moves ideal as a preventive medicine. Learn how to combine gentle, balanced movements with your breathing and visualization in such moves as "Scoop the Stream," "The Shaolin Archer," and "Eye of the Tiger.".


While studying Tai Chi in Malaysia in 1994, I learned this elegant martial art  and the significance of the fan. In these introductory lessons, you will learn fan tosses and the opening movements of the form.

Medical Qigong

Working with the principles of Chinese medicine, learn how to use healing Qigong exercises to strengthen the yin or yang energies in the body. If you are looking for alternative, effective ways to control high or low blood pressure, arthritis, joint pain, organ problems or other ailments, this class is especially recommended. Great for beginners.