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Canary Magazine Issue # 50, Fall 2020

An Invitation to the Apple Harvest

If you’re lucky, the sun will be shining but with just enough clouds at midday to keep the sweat out of your eyes and your tanned arms from peeling to pink. If you’re lucky, the crop will come in full like it did five years ago and...


The Dewdrop, September 2020

Let the River Reach the Lake

MY HUSBAND STUDIED horse-whispering. He said it involved doing as little as possible, remaining still and centered. He spoke to the horse with...


Quail Bell Magazine, April 2020

Lynx Sighting

Its long legs stride across the hillside towards my kitchen, shoulder blades rolling like a well-oiled machine, head low, framed by the broad, feathery collar of its mane. Its eyes stare at the open window where...


Scarlet Leaf Review, April 2020

​The Imperativeness of Useless Things

I reach into my kitchen’s utensil drawer for a wooden spatula and come up with a strange-looking metal contraption. What on earth? Oh, it’s one of those egg-grabbers. You know, tongs to pull hard-boiled eggs out of hot water. Squeeze it and...

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Sky Island Journal Issue 15
Winter 2021

​A Place to Run To

After you click on this link, please scroll all the way down. I am the 4th author from the end. When you click on the orange square, it will download my story for your reading pleasure, or click here below