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Tanya E.E.E. Schmid

Tanya Elizabeth Egeness Epp Schmid was a Doctor of Oriental Medicine until 2014 when she started a permaculture farm. When her husband died of cancer in 2019, she sold the farm and began to write full-time. Her work has appeared or is forthcoming in Valparaiso Fiction Review, Sky Island Journal, Canary Literary Magazine, Poet's Choice Global Warming Anthology, Flash Fiction Magazine, Whistling Shade, The Dewdrop, Quail Bell Magazine, Adelaide Magazine and The Scarlet Leaf Review. She was long-listed for Pulp Literature's 2021 Flash Fiction Contest. Tanya is a teacher of Kyudo (Zen Archery), and the author of  “Tanya’s Collection of Zen Stories” (Amazon, 2018). She was born and raised in Wisconsin, USA, and currently lives with her border collie, Kay, in Ascona, Switzerland.     (photograph 2004)